Paul's Crossfire & More


On this site you can see pictures, videos, and read about crossfires.  The site works as a library to find those hard-to-find parts and even modifications that local shops never seen done on a Crossfire before.  On the above menu you will find many more pages to this site (Parts, performance and more).

2004 Chrysler Crossfire (daily driver)

14 Awards

3 Media Appearances

2 Speed Records

Autocross winner (V6 class)

Stay tuned for all the 2020 updates. New mods will be posted!

the Parts page will get: aftermarket steering wheel with hub and quick release, new wheels, after market front upper control arm. Power:  I added a second battery with a boat style battery switch (1 or 2 or both positions) also connected to a Noco Genius 1000 AMP starter.

The Performance ideas pagestreet legal autocross racing tires, brake cooling ducks and deleting the fog lights to make space for an air intake inlet. Hood vents for more in/out air flow by adding an air intake to the bumper, I added two Aston Martin style vents for the hot air to exit. Brakes: Hawk HPS brake pads vs Pagit for the track. I installed Hawk HPS pads at the rear with Mercedes C32 caliper and vented rotors.

Interior/Exterior page: 7" Android tablet as the new media player, heads-up-display and my second set of Duraflex AMG side skirt. Replacement HID low beams, i used fog lights for a Jeep Wrangler its 6" round  real head light with day time DRL. Also, white and amber 21" DRL day time running light strip around the headlights. Custom light up scuff plates and new rubber guards (door and trunk). Gloss black vinyl roof with Vvivid vinyl. Full carbon fiber vinyl body removal (wrap from 2016) and its' replacement film.

Rebuilt for auto cross, SCCA and Hagerty Track days